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Personal Training. Fitness classes. Massage therapy. 

Personal Training 
Your Personal Training consultation is time dedicated to you. Your Personal Trainer will spend time discussing your goals, and carry out a thorough health assessment to make sure your goals can be achieved safely. This is also an ideal opportunity for you to touch base with your body and gain a valuable insight into your fitness level. The assessment consists of:-
  • Health screening
  • Height and weight check
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Heart rate and training zones
  • Body mass index
  • Body composition
  • Recommended calorie intake
  • Posture and range of movement check
  • Fitness test
  • Goal setting​​
Following a consultation, we can devise for you a personal training plan to help you achieve your goals. Whatever it is you want to achieve - weightloss, weight gain, improved cardio or muscular fitness, greater flexibility, improved co-ordination, our Personal Trainer will work for you and support you every step of the way.

Our programmes are presented in an easy to follow format, and include advice packs on healthy eating and effective training methods. After your programme ends, we like to stay in touch to give you continued support if needed. If you are new to training and find it a daunting prospect, don't worry, our Personal Trainer will support you and make sure you know how to use fitness equipment and perform exercises safely.

Your Personal Trainer can visit you and train with you in your home or in a local venue such as a Public park, or you can come to us. Your session will be planned and structured to deliver the best possible workout for you. Your session will always begin with a "warm up" to prepare you to exercise safely. This is followed by the main workout, which can include a variety of exercises and approaches to target cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance and tone, motor skills, and functional fitness. Your instructor will provide all equipment needed. After the main workout, your instructor will take you through a cool down session, which includes stretching to ease tired muscles.
To make your workouts varied, interesting, and fun, you may sometimes train using new and innovative techniques.
Working with a Personal Trainer is the best way to stay motivated, complete your programme and achieve your goals. Evidence from "IDEA", the worlds largest Health and Fitness association, suggests that 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want. Of the 25% who are achieving their aims, 90% work with a Personal trainer. Our sessions are one hour in duration. Your Trainer will plan the session in advance, and align it to your programme and goals. Alternatively, you may be following your own programme and wish to hire a Personal Trainer for "ad hoc" sessions.
Our Fitness Studio
 Our fitness studio has all the equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals. You'll be able to train in complete privacy in a pleasant environment.You won't have to wait to use any equipment, and everything is maintained to the highest standards so you can be sure everything is clean and works. Your Personal Trainer will accompany you at all times to help you get the most out of your session and to ensure equipment is used correctly and safely.
Free Weights
Fundamental for any muscular strength and endurance training programme. Olympic and standard weights equipment.
Bodyweight Training
Pull up and Dip & Suspension trainer. 
Expand your bodyweight exercise routine with these versatile and innovative training techniques.
Fitness area
Compact, private and well equipped. Our studio has everything you need for cardio and muscular strength and endurance training.
Space for barbells, dumbells, kettlebells and to perform bodyweight exercises and flexibility training.
The studio effect
The studio is a great place to train with your Personal Trainer. Compact, yet fully equipped with everything for a full cardio and muscular strength and endurance workout. Most public gyms have a bewildering array of equipment, making selecting the right piece of equipment a daunting challenge in itself. You may also have to queue for it, and then exercise in someone else's sweat! In our studio, equipment is spotlessly clean and hygienic, there are no queues and your trainer is always on hand to help and guide you.

Training with a Personal Trainer in a studio is the most effective way to train. Your trainer will take all the guess work and confusion out of your training, and replace it with a scientific and experience based approach. To achieve the results you want, you have to use equipment safely, using the correct technique. Your trainer will ensure you use the right amount of weight, the right piece of equipment and perform the right amount of sets and repetitions to achieve the results you want.

A private studio gives you the opportunity to workout and take care of your health and fitness in complete privacy. This takes away any worries you may have about training with other people. You can focus on what you are doing, guided and supported by your trainer, without worrying about what anyone else is doing, or if they are looking at you. It's a great way to gain in confidence, and take all the stress out of going to the gym or a busy fitness class.