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Welcome to Invictus Training
We are located in the Leicestershire countryside, in the town of Market Harborough. We aim to offer a personalised service to meet your health and fitness needs. Join a group fitness or self defence class. Hire an Advanced Personal Trainer for one to one, or small group, fitness or self defence training. Relax and rejuvenate with our ITEC accredited Massage therapist
Adults of all fitness levels are welcome at our group fitness classes. Hire an Advanced Personal trainer for one to one sessions, fitness programme design and healthy eating advice. REPS accredited.
Me Time Massage Therapy offers a wide range of massage treatments. Wonderful relaxation, or treatment for tired, sore muscles. Our therapist is ITEC qualified.  
Self defence classes and one to one tuition. Our instructor has 20 years experience applying and teaching self defence in UK Prisons. Practical, simple, effective techniques that adults of all ages and fitness levels can learn.
Me Time Massage Therapy
Personal Training
Self Defence




"I came here with a low level of fitness and next to no interest in "non-competitive exercise". Within 2 sessions I was hooked. Great and non-intimidating way to meet people and get fit. Great trainer and a fun atmosphere, very knowledgeable. None of this beasting"
"A really great workout. Great people and a great trainer who knows how to get the best out of you"
"As a 59 year old, overweight and unfit. I joined Fitcamp and at first was very self conscious. I was really welcomed to the group and could go at my own pace and ability. I have gained confidence and now push myself even more to reach my goals of becoming a fitter and healthier person"



Just back from seeing my Personal Trainer... over one & a half miles walked, followed by some weights. It was tough, but 3 weeks in and I've lost 5 lbs. Very pleased with that ... and I've changed my diet too so it's all paying off, thank you Simon at Invictus Training:)
Thank you for the "therapy" session... it gave me a lot to think about! I've decided to to work with you Simon as I believe a Personal Trainer will provide the support and motivation I need to turn my weight and fitness around
Hi Simon Returned from a fabulous skiing holiday in Colorado. Tony and I both agree that the personal training we received before going really boosted our fitness and flexibility. We did the warm up and cool down exercises you showed us. Anyway we just wanted to thank you for the help, advice and variety of exercises you taught us. By explaining what muscles we were working on helped us understand the impact of what we were doing, so we certainly learnt a lot. Thanks again
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